What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Current News, Education / Thursday, May 24th, 2018


Same age kittens. Healthy vs unhealthy mom

Would you be shocked to know they are the same age?!

These kittens are from two different moms but are both 5 weeks old in this photo. The kitten on the left was born to a mom who has seen a vet, is current on vaccinations, and is well fed. Other than not being spayed (yes, we agree that’s a problem in and of itself), the mom cat is in excellent health and had 6 healthy babies. The kitten on the right was born to a mom that has lived outside her entire life (as far as we can tell), has likely never seen a vet, and was eating whatever she could scrounge up for herself. This mom is in so-so health and had 6 sickly babies. Two of her babies failed to thrive and passed away. The rest, clearly, are under weight and have had multiple medical issues in a short period of time. Both of these kittens illustrate an important point: PLEASE spay/neuter your pets! If you need assistance getting your pet spayed/neutered, please email us for information on how we might be able to issue you a voucher for a FREE spay/neuter!! Fixit@homewardboundwv.org