Tiny Kitty Victim to Steel Trap

Animals in Need / Monday, March 17th, 2014


On her way home, 16 year old Samantha “Samm” Thomas saw a small kitty struggling alongside the road, very exhausted and dragging something. Samm stopped and went to the little stray and was horrified to see the kitty’s front leg mangled and caught in a steel trap.

BelleSammPhoto_3After getting a friend to help her pry the trap from this poor cat’s leg, Samm called Homeward Bound for help.  Samm immediately took the young cat, which she named Belle, to the vet for medical attention.

Once caught in the trap, Belle of course struggled to get away. Not only did the trap inflict a lot of damage to her leg but the weight of it, which was much more than little Belle herself, resulted in severe nerve damage all the way up to her shoulder.  The vet concluded that little Belle must have her leg amputated.



Samm’s brave and quick actions helped save Belle’s life but her veterinary care has created a sizeable bill.  Now Homeward Bound WV is asking for your help!

Donations can be made via Paypal to donate@HomewardBoundWV.org.


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