Miki’s “Beautiful Story”


Miki (which means beautiful story) went home to her wonderful foster home today where she’ll receive a lot of care and love!

SpottingMiki’s story began almost a month ago when a Homeward Bound WV volunteer was alerted to a dog with a steel trap embedded on its leg. The dog was first spotted and photographed on January 7th. Numerous search efforts by volunteers, and placing humane traps and food did not seem to work. Signs were put up in the area and we had thousands of photo shares on facebook, but to no avail.

After weeks went by without any signs of the young lab, it was with a heavy heart we “closed the mission.”  Then on the morning of January 27th, we received a photograph of the dog with a location. A call was sent out for volunteers to help search on horseback or ATV due to the treacherous and dense terrain.  After many hours she became very tired and gave up the way we hoped she would–the steel trap still clinging to her paw.


She was transported to Hillcrest Vet Clinic where they had to perform surgery to amputate part of her foot.  The most difficult part will be healing her emotional wounds because she has been through a horrific, painful ordeal and it will take time, patience and lots of love for her to recover.


Miki is now living the good life in foster care.  She is adjusting well to indoor life and is so trusting and forgiving as most animals are.  She will be available for adoption once she is completely healed, healthy, and socialized.

Thank you all so much for your concern about her, those who helped search, who shared her photos and info, those that have already donated to her care, and those who volunteer and foster which make these “beautiful stories” a reality.   We are happy to know there are so many animal lovers, like ourselves, out there!


How You Can Help:

Donate directly to Miki’s online fundraiser: Miki’s Beautiful Story and Fundraiser

Tax deductible DONATIONS for her care can be made:10928936_806018339471310_7797581824086068722_o
via PayPal: donate@Homewardboundwv.org.

If you would like to help with Miki’s care, you can purchase a bag of Merrick DOG FOOD in the chicken and sweet potato blend from Woofs Pet Supply Store
located at 1137 Van Voorhis Road, Morgantown, WV, or purchase a bag over the phone: (304) 599-9663. Miki’s foster will stop in and pick it up from Woofs.

If you think she would like anything else to make her stay more comfortable, we will be at Petco on Sunday for our adoption event from 12-4.

New Charity Partners for Homeward Bound WV


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How to order:

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How to order:

  1. Shop pet products on www.bissell.com/partnersforpets.
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A Home for Lucy

Christmas lights over dark blue background

Great news from Homeward Bound WV! Lucy has been adopted!

This little dog was found roaming the streets in a Westover neighborhood a few months ago. The family who found her checked for her owners but couldn’t find anyone to claim her, so they kept her. They already had a small breed dog and two small boys. After a few months, Lucy and the other dog decided they didn’t like each other much and their growling matches began to take a toll on the little kids.


So with heavy hearts, the family contacted Homeward Bound WV to help re-home little Lucy. A foster quickly stepped up, however fostering wasn’t needed.  A nice lady looking for a small dog she could spoil came to our Petco adoption event last weekend and was connected to the rescue family. They met last night and the adopter fell in LOVE with Lucy and took her home to her new Princess Bed, piles of toys, and lots of love.

Another happy ending and the reason we do what we do. To see animals in need find loving homes.

Feline Residents Abandoned

We became aware of a very sad situation on October 2nd.  One of our volunteers received a phone call begging for help. A neighbor to the old La Mesa trailer park went searching for her cat who accidentally got out.  She headed over to the trailer park and what she found was heart wrenching.


(If you did not know, the people who lived in La Mesa trailer park had to be out by August 31st. Everything that was left behind became property of the landowner.) Once there, she discovered that there were many cats and older kittens living on their own, eating garbage that people left behind, eating rotten food out of people’s cabinets, bagels, chicken bones, noodles, whatever they could find.  One of our volunteers went down to access the situation and was very saddened and thought there were at least 10 cats, we have now found around 20.  The lady went home and got food and water to bring back for the cats and sat in one of the roadways and cried while she looked around and felt helpless.

They were crawling into their old trailers, through broken windows or doors that were left open or rotten places through the floor, where they once had a family, a nice warm place to sleep and were still using their litter boxes that were left behind.”

LaMesa_3We are a small rescue with very few fosters, but we knew we couldn’t leave them behind. Through the next couple of days, a few dedicated volunteers were there every day, checking traps, feeding cats and scouring the garbage and filth looking for life, transporting cats to the vet to be tested and accessed. All of the cats were very scared, but once they realized we were there to help, most calmed down so much that our volunteers called them love bugs once they got to the vet. Only two (of about 14, so far) have found foster homes.  WE NEED PEOPLE TO STEP UP and help!

LaMesa_5The landowner has given us the rest of this week to get the cats out, BUT we need a place for them to go! If we can’t get them out they will be captured and euthanized by the landowner.  Please, if you can help by fostering an adult cat, just one… email us at contact@HomewardBoundWV.org If you can donate towards the vet care for getting these cats tested, spayed/neutered and vetted please go to Paypal.com and use donate@HomewardBoundWV.org.

We could also use help with transporting the cats that we catch to the vet to be tested. We also need pine litter, Purina One cat food and crates/cages. PLEASE HELP US, we can’t stand to leave them behind!