Meet Your “Prince” Charming

Animals in Need, Fostering Pets / Friday, February 13th, 2015


Meet Prince! He’s a total charmer.

Prince_outsideOur rescuers first met Prince on their last search mission to capture Miki, the Lab mix with the steel trap embedded on her foot.  Prince was spotted at a neighboring home, chained outside next to a collapsed dog house with icicles hanging on the inside.  Homeward Bound asked the homeowners if we could help in some way and a few days later we contacted the owners again because temperatures were supposed to drop dangerously low.  They agreed to surrender Prince to us.

Prince’s story doesn’t get easier yet, the vet believes he was suffering from parasite overload (a severe case of intestinal parasites which weakens the immune system and makes the animal more susceptible to other diseases) and stress from his neutering.  Prince spent some nights at the vet’s office and is currently taking a lot of medicine to help with his condition.


Since leaving the vet and joining his foster family, Prince is feeling much better! He’s enjoying lots of kiddie cuddles and gets to learn what kindness and compassion is all about. Once Prince is feeling 100% he will be available for adoption. In the meantime if you want to help with Prince’s vet care, see below for ways to help.Prince

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