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Forever Homes, Fostering Pets / Friday, March 6th, 2015


Last month, a Homeward Bound WV volunteer traveled to a kill-shelter to screen animals for placement into foster homes.  Though it’s a stressful process and can tear at your heart–as we wish we could save them all–we often find special cases that make our hearts soar.  That day we rescued a sweet dachshund-mix named Melvin but as our volunteer was leaving, the shelter manager asked her to come see one more “special case” in need of rescue.  As they walked through the narrow halls with barking and energetic dogs all around and making so much noise, a puppy lay in a separate kennel – asleep, comfortable, but lifeless. The shelter manager clapped her hands and yelled “wake up” then turned to the volunteer and said, “completely deaf.” As she unlatched the kennel door, the vibration startled the young pup who playfully sprung to his feet and approached the gate.

Siren_fosterHomeward Bound WV happily accepted the deafened, full-blooded Dalmation puppy into our rescue even after other rescues turned him away. The shelter manager explained he was brought in as a stray but she believed someone purchased him and was overwhelmed, or a breeder dumped him because of his handicap.

After leaving the shelter, his personality began to show and he was even mastering a few hand signals. His foster mom ironically named the deaf Dalmation Siren. Taking to Facebook to brag on her new foster puppy, she was contacted by a family from Winchester, VA, who is no stranger to Dalmatians and has experience with deaf Dalmatians as well. They fell in love and instantly filled out an application to adopt. After thoroughly reviewing several applicants, it was very apparent Siren was meant for their family.


After last Sunday’s Petco adoption event, Siren arrived home with his forever, happily-ever-after family. He has 3 human siblings, 2 dalmatian brothers, and a dalmatian sister! The eldest dalmation brother is also deaf and they bonded almost immediately.


Sometimes we learn lessons from the most unlikely experiences. For animals and humans alike, just because you’re different or have special needs doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to a good life.  Special needs pets require time, patience, and extra love and care but the joy they bring is unmeasurable. We wish you a long and happy life, Siren. We know the Nasser/Brady family will love you forever.

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