Feature Pets – Pepe Le Pew and Pongo

Feature Pets / Thursday, February 28th, 2019

**Update: ADOPTED!**

Meet  Pongo and Pepe le Pew.  They were born to a stray mom,  but have been indoors since they were very young.  They both have the softest fur…it feels like a bunny rabbit, even though Pepe has medium hair and Pongo has short hair.  They are VERY playful and funny!  They love toys of all kinds.  Pepe and Pongo would be good in a home with kids and other cats.  They are a little shy around dogs, but don’t seem to mind them too much.  We would love for these boys to be adopted together, but it is not required.  Pongo is definitely the more outgoing of the two, while Pepe is a little more laid back and quiet.  They balance each other out nicely and would do great together.

**Update: ADOPTED!**
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