Feature Pet Friday – Ursula

Animals in Need, Rescue News / Friday, May 13th, 2016

Hi! My name is Ursula and I’m 10 months old. I was found in a gutter on the side of the road on a rainy night in 2015. The good Samaritan who found me thought I was dead. She picked me up from the wet road and realized I was still alive. She brought me to Homeward Bound WV the very next day! A nice veterinarian looked me over and determined I had likely been thrown from or hit by a car. I was only 10 ounces, so my injuries were very serious. I could barely walk, as my entire back end from my hips down were damaged. The vet suggested my foster mom take good care of me and bring me back to see him when I was bigger and stronger. So, I went home with her. She loves me very much and has worked with my legs for a long time. Now that I am a big girl, I’m able to walk on my own, even though it looks a little funny. I can run on carpet, can climb stairs, and can even get on my cat tree to look out the window. My very favorite thing in the whole world is to sit by the screen door and watch the birds. I LOVE looking outside! I’ve also been able to make lots of friends here. There’s always little kittens around. When they come to my house for the first time and are very scared, I kiss them and snuggle with them at night so they feel better. My best friend is a little dog named Asher. He and I play together a lot! We also like to take naps together in the afternoon. Asher and the other kittens don’t care that I’m not perfect. My foster mom tells me all the time that I’m a beautiful girl and I’m very special. I am so happy Homeward Bound WV and my foster mom took me in and saved me from that dark, wet road when I was a baby! I’ve been back to see the vet a few times and he says surgery is not necessary. He says that I will never be like other cats, but I’m just fine anyway. I like that guy! He knows that I have a lot of love to give! I do have special needs, not only with my walking but I also sometimes have accidents. I can’t use a litter box because of my back legs not always doing what I want them to do. But, I take an inexpensive medicine that helps my bladder work better and I’m getting used to wearing a little diaper so I don’t make a mess. I hope that there is a family out there who can see me like my foster mom sees me…a beautiful, special, kind-hearted kitty with lots of love and kisses to give.”

Homeward Bound WV is currently taking adoption applications for Ursula. If you think your home would be perfect for this special needs kitty, please fill out an application here >> http://www.homewardboundwv.org/?page_id=151.