Feature Pet Friday – Goldie

Rescue News / Friday, June 17th, 2016

Meet Goldie. Goldie was found as a critically injured stray in February 2016. She was suffering from injuries from an animal attack, possibly a dog. She had a severe injuries that were at least a week or more old. A serious infection had settled in the leg and had also spread through her whole body causing her to become septic, a life-threatening condition. Together with help from local veterinarians, we attempted to save her leg. She received hydrotherapy treatments two times daily and laser therapy treatments several times a week for the month of February and most of March. She was an excellent patient and she never complained! Her leg slowly healed but one small area of infection would not resolve even after the bacteria from the area of infection was cultured to make sure the correct antibiotics were being used. After two months, we received the news that the bones in her ankle area had been damaged beyond repair due to the chronic infection. We had no other choice than to amputate her leg. So, on April 5th, she had the surgery to remove her leg. Again, she was an excellent patient and unfortunately, again she developed an infection. This time it was around her surgery site. Her body reacted to the suture material and she developed a large pocket of infection despite being on antibiotics. She was back to receiving hydrotherapy twice daily for a few weeks. We are happy to report that by the end of April, she had finally recovered from her injuries and her surgery. She is now a happy, healthy gal! She does not seem to notice that she is without her hind limb. She runs around the house with impressive speed and she rules the three dogs that live with her. It did take her some time to trust them, which is understandable since the culprit of her original attack may have been a dog. She was also slow to warm up to the cats in the house, but now she enjoys their company too. She is a spunky 2 to 3 year old tabby/calico. She is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, has been dewormed and is current on flea and heartworm prevention. She is available for adoption through Homeward Bound WV. If you are interested in adopting Goldie, please fill out our adoption application here >> http://www.homewardboundwv.org/?page_id=151.