Feature Pet Friday – Baloo

Uncategorized / Friday, August 19th, 2016

Meet Baloo, the 50 lb. Staffordshire terrier mix that thinks he’s a pug…probably because he has three puggie best friends. After waking up every morning, promptly at 7:00am, Baloo does his morning yoga routine (down dog…up dog) and is ready to start exploring the world. Once he’s satisfied with the amount of good-morning kisses given to his human, he eats his breakfast, gets a sip of water, and patiently waits to be placed on his lead before he heads outside for his daily patrol…someone needs to keep an eye on things around here! Human’s back deck, check! Human neighbor’s bushes, check! Human neighbor letting another doggie outside, check! All’s clear so he does his business and heads inside to help his human get ready for work…never leaving her side. Once she leaves he lays in his crate, on the sofa, or in a sunny spot next to a window with a chew toy and snoozes for most of the day. When his human comes home he’s ecstatic, bouncing up and down, and greets her with more kisses and, sometimes, one “woof!” of appreciation. Now it’s time to PLAY!!! First, he goes for a pleasant walk around the neighborhood so he can say hi to all his human and doggie neighbors and sniff out any animals that may have passed through the neighborhood the day before…so curious. Next it’s time for dinner. After dinner he might hop on the couch with a good chew toy and cuddle up next to or, sometimes, on top of his human, help his human with making dinner or chores, or sit with her on the back deck to relax and watch the birds or other neighbors go about their evening. Once it cools down he gets to play fetch in the yard with a football or boomerang, his favorite time of day! If it doesn’t cool down, and if his human is up for the task, he might get to run through the sprinkler…so let’s hope it stays hot for a while because there has never been a dog that’s loved anything as much as Baloo loves a sprinkler! Before bedtime it’s another patrol around the back yard. If he’s been really good (which is pretty much every day) he gets a bedtime treat that he takes very gently from his human. Now it’s off to bed with his human to dream about his future family…and maybe a few footballs.

If you’re interested in adopting Baloo or any of our other pets, please fill out the adoption application here >> http://www.homewardboundwv.org/?page_id=151 or send us an email at adopt@homewardboundwv.org for more information.