Feature Pet Friday – Alice & Dinah

Feature Pets / Friday, September 9th, 2016

“Hi, I’m Alice and this is my sister, Dinah. We were named for Alice and her own cat Dinah of Alice in Wonderland. We’re about 5 months old and the last in a litter of five waiting for our forever home(s). We’re really sweet, curious kittens that LOVE to play. When playtime is over and we’re in need of attention, we like to get up in our foster mom’s face and demand to be petted and loved on. It’s really fun to do this when she’s trying to work on her computer! I often communicate with people by purring but Dinah makes these squeaky little cries to get what she wants. We’re not fond of being picked up and held. We only like cuddles when we’re in the mood (our foster mom says we have typical cat attitude). We have very soft, short black coats (with hints of brown stripes which can be seen if we’re bathing in the sunlight). We’re practically twins with similar white patches and our foster mom sometimes has to compare our spots to see who’s who. We often like to play twin pranks on her! We would love to find a forever home together but would be okay if we were separated. We currently stay in a home with other cats and dogs but haven’t favored strange, new animals so we may need an adjustment period to help us feel comfortable in a new home with pets. Do you have room in your home to adopt us two spunky sisters?!”

If you’re interested in Alice or Dinah (or both) please fill out an adoption application at http://www.homewardboundwv.org/adoption-application/.