A Victory at the Capitol

Education, Rescue News

Homeward Bound WV joined several animal rescue advocates from West Virginia at the state capitol on Thursday, February 11, 2016 for Humane Lobby Day. Sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States in state capitals across the country, Humane Lobby Days give citizen animal advocates an opportunity to ask their state legislators to pass laws that protect […]

February 15, 2016

Having a ‘Senior Moment’

Adoption Events, Education

An adorable ‘senior moment’ with Shaggy and Scooby! Veterinarians classify senior dogs as early as 7 years old depending on the dog’s breed, but in shelter dog years it can be as young as 4-5 years old because most adopting families look to shelters and rescues for kittens and puppies, or young dogs under the age of […]

June 12, 2015

Bad News Breeders

Education, Rescue News

Buyers beware!  This is Cujo.  He’s a sweet little Pomeranian/Shih Tzu puppy who just had the fight of his life against the deadly Parvovirus.  Before Homeward Bound WV rescued him, he was purchased from a breeder who removed the puppies from their mother at 4 weeks old–way too early for any animal to be weaned […]

March 4, 2015

Extreme Cold Deadly for Pets

Education, Rescue News

Cold weather can be deadly for your pet. If left outside during severe temperatures and wind chills, they can develop hypothermia, frostbite, and even death can occur. This week, the Preston County Animal Shelter took in a cat found by the Masontown Police while on patrol. She was covered in snow, half frozen and very […]

February 19, 2015